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Welcome to Loudon Investment Management, LLC


Loudon Investment Management, LLC was established in January 2003 as an independent investment advisor adhering to the ethos of a traditional investment counselor, but with a strong focus on investment performance.

Our objective is to achieve reliable and consistent performance results through a focus on yield and value investing. Our approach is not just to buy high yielding equities but rather to buy stocks whose yields are high because the stock price is low and undervalued. A growing body of evidence supports the thesis that high yield stocks are systemically undervalued and outperform low and no yield stocks with less volatility over the long run. Loudon Investment Management's long-term investment objective is to outperform the S&P 500 Stock Index and the Russell 1000 Value Index after fees but with volatility in keeping with a typical equity or balanced portfolio.

Our full performance document may be found in the disclosure section of this website and supplemental information is included in our communications material.

A commitment to client service and communication is an integral part of our investment process. As our approach is long-term in nature, service and communication are continuing necessities to keep our clients comfortable with the investments they hold while we are waiting for them to mature.

Additional information may be obtained upon request by going to the Contact Us section of this website.